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Chiropractic Care for Back Pain from an Auto Accident from a Greensboro NC Chiropractor

Chiropractic care in Greensboro, NC is as close to you as our facility located on Cornwallis Drive. At Healing Hands Chiropractic, we give residents in the area a place to find pain relief and heal from various injuries from an auto accident. We offer treatment for whiplash, back pain and other injuries that result from a car accident. We utilize natural treatments that not only help with the pain but also promote healing. 

a car accident scene in Greensboro

Injuries from Auto Accidents 

Although whiplash is a common injury from a car accident, back pain also ranks as one of the more common injuries. We supply chiropractic care in Greensboro, NC to heal back injuries such as herniated or damaged discs. During a collision, the impact of the accident puts stress on your entire body including your back. The force has the potential to move the discs and strain your muscles, causing your spine to become misaligned and the tissue in your body to feel sore. You might even damage the nerves in your back. Keep in mind, your spine runs from your lower back through your neck, which means you may experience pain anywhere throughout the area.  

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain from Auto Accidents  

Our chiropractor may conduct a spinal alignment, also referred to as a spinal adjustment, in order to realign the spine. During this particular treatment, our chiropractor uses manual force to move the discs and vertebrae in the spine. When they line up properly, it takes pressure off of the disc, so it's able to heal more effectively. A spinal alignment will also allow blood to flow more optimally, which means the injured area receives the nutrients it needs to heal.  

In addition to spinal alignments, our chiropractor may also conduct massage therapy to help relieve your back pain. Massage therapy is conducted by a specialist who uses massage techniques that target the muscles and ligaments. It eases your discomfort and improves blood flow to the area. By loosening your muscles, it promotes healing and, if you need it, it allows you to begin physical therapy sooner. We might conduct hot and cold therapy in the area. This particular treatment uses different temperatures applied to the injured area. This reduces swelling in the area and relieves your pain as well. 

Another therapy we might utilize for your back pain is deep tissue laser therapy. Using light energy, we target the area of your back where you're experiencing pain. The light energy reaches the soft tissue in the body and lessens both pain and inflammation. The laser therapy triggers the blood to flow more effectively to the area, which means more nutrients reach the region. The increase in nutrients allows the injury to heal better. We might also use exercise therapy. The chiropractor will coach you through exercises that reduce pain and help with the recovery process, in particular, by increasing flexion.  

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For your back pain from a car accident contact our chiropractor in Healing Hands Chiropractic at 336-235-4530. 

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I have tried everything for 3 years. Been to several doctors that have said there is nothing they could do. Dr. Rodulfo is the only doctor that has helped me and given me hope.

Greensboro, NC

Great place!!! I had a grade 3 A/C separation, and Damien helped my range of motion along with using the laser on the shoulder to speed up the recovery process!!! I feel better already!!!

William W.
Greensboro, NC

One of the best chiropractic offices in the country! Try the 25 watt laser!!!

Justin K.
Greensboro, NC